Interviewing for Radio


  • Bring notes, if needed. Cards instead of paper.
  • Stay approximately 6 inches from microphone.
  • Remember you are talking to the public and to your target audience.
  • If you are called by a reporter to give an immediate statement over the phone and you aren't prepared, ask if you can call back within 10 minutes– then call back.
  • If the program is being taped and you make a weak presentation – ask for the segment to be re-taped.
  • Get your "talking points" across to the audience.
  • Clarify any points you think may have been misunderstood.


  • Don't be too far away or too close to the microphone.
  • Don't sway back and forth in your chair.  Your voice will be inconsistent.
  • Don't move your papers around – they make noise.
  • Don't touch the microphone.
  • Avoid "ums."
  • Don't laugh at serious matters.
  • Don't take the questioner's attitude, even if it's hostile.

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