Interviewing for TV

TV Tips

  • Arrive early so that you can check your appearance.
  • Stand/sit straight with you hands in a relaxed position at your sides.
  • Relax your shoulders and keep your body still.
  • Ask for make-up, if necessary, to help control perspiration.
  • Wear medium-toned clothing, over-the-calf socks/over-the-knee dress. Avoid white shirts, bow ties, and lots of jewelry. Do not wear sunglasses.
  • Avoid wearing solid red clothing.
  • Assume that the microphone and camera are on from the time the reporter arrives to the time he or she leaves. Act accordingly.
  • Show warmth, friendliness, sincerity.
  • When appropriate, smile, gesture, and pause.
  • Keep eye contact with the interviewer, if present, or with the camera/viewing audience.
  • Don't rock back and forth.  Don't cross your arms.  Don’t look at your watch.
  • If you need to face one way (e.g., hearing problem), make this known.
  • Don’t sit in between two questioners or members of the opposition - your head movements will make you look guilty.
  • Keep your head up – or you will look guilty. 
  • Avoid looking around the room.
  • Don't touch the microphone.

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