Sustaining Champion Commitment

Build Early Buy-In

Champions will have more buy-in for helping your MLK Day project(s) succeed if they are able to add their personal stamp to the project early in its design and preparation. So, solicit their advice and participation as early as possible.

Acknowledge Their Contribution

Every time someone serves as a champion, that person should be thanked for his or her contribution. Thank champions informally and formally through letters and email. Recognize leaders when they participate in your event. Publicly thank them for contributing their time, even if they do not have a speaking role.

Get a Commitment

Since success breeds success, try to get a commitment from leaders for their presence and support next year while the accomplishments of this year’s event are still fresh in their minds. Document their presence and contribution and utilize photos and quotes for future event promotion.

Report Results

After an event, report the impact and accomplishments of the project to your leaders and champions. Share with them the positive outcomes of their contributions to the event.

Analyze and Adjust

When the event is over, invite some champions to help you analyze results, impacts, and accomplishments. Get their opinion on what didn’t work and record ideas to help improve the next year’s event.

Keep Champions Informed

Add leaders and champions to key mailing or email lists. Don’t bother them with trivial information, but make sure they stay in the loop and are aware of any major accomplishments in the work of your organization throughout the year. Make it clear that they are always welcome to drop by your office or attend any events that your organization sponsors.

A champion is your organization’s best friend and deserves the same level of consideration and commitment that they have contributed to your cause.

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