Join Us for Today's Project Planning and Development Webinar
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Join Us: Project Planning and Development Webinar

Dr. King asked the question “What are you doing for others?”  Today’s webinar, “Project Planning and Development,” 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. EDT, will provide the tools to help you answer that question on MLK Day 2012. The webinar will include the nuts and bolts of planning your project and cover the following topics:
  • Project ideas
  • Tools for creating projects
  • Generating projects through partnerships
  • Creating and managing large scale projects
  • Contingency planning
During the webinar, we will also invite those who already have project ideas to share with their peers and inspire more service projects across the nation.

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What's Next?

We invite you to attend our next webinar: Raising Resources & In-Kind Donations, October 26, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. EDT. Presenters will cover topics including:
  • Identifying and Using Leaders and Champions
  • Raising Financial Resources
  • Securing In-Kind Donations
Take a moment to look through our upcoming webinars. If you cannot participate in today's webinar, Project Planning and Development will be repeated on November 21st.

Here is a useful abbreviated guide to help you with project planning; it describes some of the content that will be covered in today's webinar. Be sure to save this email to refer back to, or use if you cannot attend today.

Determine Your Community's Need

Before diving into your MLK Day project planning, make sure you assess your community's needs.

Where do you see the most need?
  • Are local food banks and soup kitchens running low on fresh produce?
  • Do you notice a lack of afterschool programs for children?
  • Is there a high unemployment rate in your community? 
Once you determine your community's needs you can start to wade through project ideas that will make a lasting impact.

Some ideas for projects:
  • Start a cooking club that delivers meals to homebound neighbors
  • Help grow a community garden that provides fresh produce
  • Build a playground
  • Run a resume-building workshop
  • Organize a blood donor drive
  • Make and distribute disaster-preparedness kits

Toolkits for Impactful Projects

The Toolkits located at can help you build your project from the ground up. The Foundation section of the guides provides the materials to construct a project of your choice. If your community needs fall in one of the areas listed below, the Floor Plan will help you implement projects in these areas. 

Maximize Community Partnerships

Developing community partnerships will help you maximize the impact your MLK Day of Service project has in the community. Community partners can help to:
  • Plan projects and events
  • Create additional projects
  • Expand the reach of existing projects
  • Provide volunteers
  • Provide resources to implement projects
  • Promote project to their networks
What pre-existing relationships has your group or organization established locally? Reach out to those partners who fit the scope of your MLK Day service. Consider some of the following factors when creating new partnerships:
  • With what types of organizations do you want to establish a partnership?  Think about what representatives of your community are not at the table as you are planning but should be -- faith-based, neighborhood services, schools, higher education, etc. Do existing partners represent a broad cross-section of the community?
  • What does your organization have to offer to partners and what additional resources are you hoping to gain through a partnership?  These might include projects, volunteers, supplies, knowledge, or introduction to other groups.
  • What organizations are already involved in King Holiday celebrations? Investigate what other organizations in the community have been doing to celebrate the King Holiday, even if their activities do not traditionally include service. Then, find ways to link these existing community celebrations with your service events.
  • What are the goals and desired outcomes? Work with your partners to explicitly define your shared goals and outcomes so that you know you are moving toward the same vision. You should also define clear roles and responsibilities for each partner. Make sure to communicate often with your partners to ensure that these shared understandings remain in the forefront of your initiative
Please share this Action Update with colleagues and networks.

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