The steps to creating a successful team of volunteers for MLK Day.

Social Media for MLK Day

Social media has become an important part of any outreach or communications plan. It can help accomplish larger, organizational goals to: reach new audiences, find and raise resources, and spread the word out about projects or events. Here are some tips:


There are more than 800 million unique users on Facebook, so it's a great way to share information about your project or event with a large audience. If your organization has a Facebook page, you can use it to share information about:

If your organization doesn't have a Facebook page, consider creating one and asking your network to "like" the page. To create a page, go to any page on and click the "Create a Page" button in the top, right corner.

You may also promote your project through the national MLK Day Facebook page located at and on

Facebook Tips:

Learn More About:


Twitter is a micro-blogging platform used to share information and engage people in dialogue, typically about a specific issue. Twitter is searchable by non-users and is a great place to find volunteers, donations, project planning help, and media coverage for your service project.

If your organization has a Twitter account, you should be using it to share information about your MLK Day projects or events.

Twitter Tips:


Blogging is a way to share longer messages and additional photos or other multimedia. If you do not have the capacity to start your own blog, try inviting popular bloggers who already write about your issue or locale to cover your MLK Day project. To locate bloggers, visit

If you have a great project or story to share, contact to discuss writing a guest blog post for the National Service blog on, which is also featured on

If you are interested in starting your own blog, check out these easy-to-use blog platforms:,,, and

Blogging Tips:


Regardless of which social networks you use to tell your MLK Day story, you'll want to collect great pictures to help document the event.

Photo Tips:

Interested in learning more about how to use social media in your MLK Day plans? Join us for the Creating a Communications Plan webinar on December 14 at 3 p.m. EST.

Don't forget to follow MLK Day on Facebook and Twitter or connect to other service and volunteer related organizations on twitter such as @servedotgov.

This Week's Webinar: Recruiting Volunteers

This week's MLK Day webinar, Recruiting Volunteers, will be held on Wednesday, December 7 at 3:00 EST. The webinar will cover:

For more information, view last week's Action Update on Recruiting Volunteers.

Future Webinars

Here are some upcoming webinars that will help you plan and execute a successful MLK Day event.

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86. An Education--Lessons about MLK
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