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Action Update: Creating a Communications Plan

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A successful project goes beyond doing good work; it requires you to publicize your event and raise awareness about the community issue you are working to alleviate. Communication is key when recruiting volunteers, soliciting donations and establishing your organization as the leader in your project's issue area. 

Your first step is to develop an MLK Day Communications Plan. To help in developing your plan, review the following resources:

  • Hone your key messages and talking points.  Be sure that your team, and your spokespeople are familiar with the messages and talking points and how they relate to your work.  Develop a timeline for working with the media.
  • Register your projects.  Not only does registering your project help you recruit volunteers, it also helps CNCS learn about the important work that you are doing so that they can promote it!  When listing your project, please be sure to include one of these key words: MLK Day, King Day, King Day 2013, MLK Day of Service, or 2013 MLK Day of Service.
  • Create press releases for the days leading up to your event and a follow up report on the impact your project had.
  • Create press kits to have on hand on the day of your event.  Press kits contain information about the work your organization is doing for King Day, the work you do year round, the MLK Day Fact Sheet, and how to get in contact with your volunteer and/or media coordinator.
  • Document the event throughout the day through photos.  Make sure your volunteers sign a photo release when they sign in and start capturing pictures!  These photos can be used in promotional materials moving forward and should be highlighted on your website, blog, or Facebook page.
  • Remember to do follow up. Reach out to the media and your volunteers after your event and let them know about the project outcomes and accomplishments.  Use the follow-up to share information about upcoming volunteer opportunities

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